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Katie H.
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Ute K.
Julie is great, and my dog loves her! It's hard to leave your dog with someone else, but I would recommend Julie without reservation. I've used her service a few times, and have been happy each time. When I drop off my dog she is excited to be back-- so, I know that she enjoys her time there as well :)
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Julie is a true animal lover. We have three dogs who are like our babies. It took us two months to try to find someone to care for our dogs while we went out of town. We did NOT want our dogs put in kennels - we wanted them in a family home environment. That is exactly what our dogs got in Julie's care. I would not hesitate using her again. If you really love your animals, take them to Julie if you go away.
Julie is a great host. She is very experienced and a true Pack Leader. Brandy has separation anxiety and I was worried leaving her for almost two weeks. But under Julie's care, I don't think she missed me. In hindsight, I think Brandy had more fun than I did :-). Julie kept me informed and emailed pictures. She even met me when I went to pick up Brandy.
Carlos D
Julie was great, she was very accommodating to our needs. Very easy to work with and very friendly. I highly recommend taking your dog with he
Sage and Kinder got I think they thought I sent them on a country club vacation. Not only was I able to leave them without feeling any stress at all, it was obvious they did not feel even the tiniest bit of stress either. She has a loving personality coupled with amazing expertise and judgement, and made their stay a wonderful experience for all of us. They enjoyed themselves so much that I believe they will always consider it a treat to stay with her. To sum it up- they had a ton of fun and I feel great knowing that they were there.
Alejandra B.
Julie was great, she was very accommodating to our needs. Very easy to work with and very friendly. I highly recommend taking your dog with her.
Nacho S.
The BEST long-term dog sitter I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Only 20 minutes from Fairfield, and SO worth the drive. My dogs had a wonderful time and were loved and cared for as part of a big, playful, happy family. They can't wait to go back! I wouldn't hesitate in the least to highly recommend Julie to every dog owner I know.
Liz C.
Julie was great! Her property is perfect for, air, ponds. And Julie herself is an experienced dog person (trainer, boarding, etc). We've already booked her services again for a trip coming up!
Gabriela A.
Julie and her family took great care of my dog for two months. They have a wonderful property. I will definitely take my dog back to them. Julie was always very responsive and would send me pictures.
Chrystal C.
Julie was great! My dogs loved their time with her and her family.
Doug Harper 
YES! I would absolutely use her again! I love my dog just like I would a child. Julie sent me email photos and updates every day while I was on vacation. I let my dog sleep with me, and she let Ginger sleep with her (Sent Photos). She had a large white dog there named "Avalanche" who was so gentle and sweet to my dog. Julie taught my dog tricks while I was gone. Julie was an ex- animal trainer for various Vegas casinos. She also has a large separate facility behind her home (VERY SECURE) where she tends to retired Tigers from Marine world etc. These cages were immaculate, clean, and the animals were very healthy and well cared for. My dog was very introverted and afraid of other dogs. When I came to pick her up, she was playing with Julies dog (Avalanche), happy, and playing in Julies front yard with her young son, who was very loving to my dog.
 This was a great experience for my dog, and I was very at ease with her being at Julies.I told Julie to get a yelp account so I could give her a review. In conclusion, Yes, I would not hesitate to use her again, and plan on doing
so in the near future. 
Best Regards,
Douglas T. Harper
Chief Facilities Engineer