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Who will supply the food for my pet?
If your pet is staying for a short term, you, the client will supply their food. However, if your pet will be staying long term (over 30 days) once your pet runs out of food I will replace it with the same brand you use which is included in our price so they don't get an upset stomach. If your pet takes medication, vitamins, or any other special supplement that could be hard to find please bring enough for the duration of their stay.​

Do you have breed restrictions?
No we do not have any breed restrictions however if your pet has any issues that we should be aware of please let us know in advance. Safety is our #1 priority for all pets and people. We take pride in our excellent reputation for safety therefor we may need to make slight adjustments to your pets stay if they have issues that need to be addressed. This could be a perfect opportunity for you to address their issues with our board and train program. Please ask us for further information.

What if my dog has separation anxiety?
A lot of dogs have separation anxiety. We have helped many dogs overcome their anxiety with a little training to help then get back on track when they go home but while they are here they will always have a professional with them so there is no need to worry about anxiety. Please discuss all of your concerns with us when making a reservation so we are aware to make your pets stay a great experience for both of you. 

Do you offer discounts for long term?
Yes we offer a discount for long term stays which is anything over 30 days, and additional discounts for multiple pets. Please ask for details on our discounts. We will always try to work with pet owners.

Can I visit my pet if I have to have him/her there long term?
Yes we are happy to arrange visits between your pet and you while they here at our resort. We are very flexible and customer service is our #1 goal for our pet owners.  

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